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Dirty List - Foods With The Highest Chemical Level

Washing your produce will remove only a small negligible amount of the chemicals and pesticides used when growing fruit and vegetables. Washing your produce is recommended to remove bacteria from handling the fruit and no amount of soaking and washing can remove the harmful chemicals in your food.

Eating organic can be expensive so it's important you are buying organic food that matters. Here is a list of the most important fruits and vegetables to buy organic.


Blueberries, Strawberries and Raspberries top the list!

Berries are loved by everyone including bugs and insects, so farmers spray berries more than most other fruit. Berries also have a thin skin and berries such as Strawberries and Raspberries are very porous and absorb more chemicals.

Blueberries alone are sprayed with over 52 chemicals!

Stone Fruit

Peaches and Cherries are the worst!

Consumers love perfect looking peaches and in order to produce perfect fruit that appeals to the consumer farmers spray with higher levels of pesticides to ensure your fruit comes to you looking like a show piece!


Who would have thought little old celery could be so dangerous?

Celery is one of the worst vegetables at absorbing chemicals in fact many researches say it is the worst! Celery is highly porous and has no protective skin so all chemicals are absorbed into the vegetable.


Milk is of great concern as it is an important part of everyones diet especially children. Conventional milk has high chemical levels from the cow ingesting highly sprayed grain and feed along with the use of growth hormones and antibiotics.

Buying organic milk means the dairy are only allowed to feed their cows organic grain and feed and can not use any growth hormones or antibiotics.


The same as milk, meat has high chemical readings due to the animals eating conteminated feed. Beef being the worst of the bunch closely followed by pork products.

Bacon is treated with nitrates to preserve and it helps to maintain colour and freshness.

Organic meat is expensive, so it is a great excuse to incorporate a couple of vegtarian meals into your diet each week!


With their thin skin and their high threat of pests and disease, capsicum is also high on the list of conteminated foods.


Anyone who has grown spinach will know they are popular with your garden creatures so it's no wonder that 48 chemicals are used to help keep your leafy green spinach hole free! Making them the worst of the green vegetables!


Like berries have a very thin skin and are treated with 38 chemicals during their growth. These chemicals have also been found in high levels in wine, which is made from grapes.


Eating organically can be expensive so it's important that you replace the important foods first and then start on the "low risk" list.

Common pesticides, antibiotics and groth hormones used in the growth and production of our food has been linked to illnesses such as cancer, alzheimer's, behaviour problems in children and autisim.

Remember no amount of washing or soaking can remove chemicals from your fruit or vegetables. Washing your vegetables is advised to remove bacteria from handling and removes only a small amount of the chemical build up on the surface of the produce.

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