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Basal Body Temperature: Facts and Charting

Here are all the facts you need to know about Basal Body Temperature and fertility charting.

Basal Body Temperature (BBT) is your body temperature first thing in the morning or directly after an extending period of sleep (over 4 hours).

Your basal body temperature should be taken before you get out of bed and within a few moments of waking. As soon as you wake your heart rate increases and will increase your temperature.

You will need to use a special basal body temperature thermometer. They can be purchased from the pharmacy for around $20.

A BBT thermometer is different to a regular thermometer as it will measure the small increases and decreases in your basal body temperature.

Details Of A Regular Cycle

In a regular 28 day cycle a normal temperature is around 36.5 degrees, this will be the reading you have on the first day of your cycle (first day of your period).

Around day 13-14 or a day or two before ovulation your temperature will dip to around 36.2 degrees.

On the day of ovulation your basal body temperature will begin to rise (spike) and will continue to rise during ovulation and will generally stabilise at around 37 degrees until a day or two before your next period.

When is the best time to have sex?

You will have a better chance of conceiving if you have sex before ovulation. It can take time for the sperm to reach the egg and if you have sex on or after ovulation you may miss out.

Easy Guide To Charting

1. Decide what platform you would like to record your data. Perhaps you would like to use , an IPhone application, a piece of graph paper or a regular calendar.

2. Keep your thermometer and a notepad beside your bed.

3. First thing in the morning before getting out of bed take your temperature using the basal body temperature. Follow the instructions that came with the thermometer for accurate results. Record your temperature on the notepad where you can transfer them to your chart later.

4. You may see small changes in your temperature in the first 2 weeks; however these could be due to illness or other small changes. A genuine drop in temperature should happen around after day 10 anything before this is unlikely to be a sign of ovulation. Although it is probably a good idea to have sex during any temperature drop just to be sure.

5. Have sex the day your temperature drops and keep having sex during ovulation (temperature rising). Every day is ok, however most experts suggest every second day is more beneficial.

You may need to chart your cycle for a full month to give you a good indication on what is “normal” for you and even still each month may be slightly different. So 2-3 cycles should give you a good indication of your fertile days.

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