The box room is sort of like a forgotten orphan and when it comes to the short stick, it generally gets its fair share. More often than not, a box room is turned into a dumping ground for items people don’t tend to use all that often. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. Although a box room is quite small and it doesn’t tend to offer heaps in terms of space, it can be an innovative and worthy addition to your home with a little ingenuity. So, here are some great ideas for the box room.

Walk in Wardrobe

You’ve always dreamed of having a walk in wardrobe – didn’t you? Well, a wardrobe like this is quite luxurious and can be easily created. Box rooms can accommodate all your belongings and with some fittings and sleek sliding doors can be seamlessly turned into a walk-in wardrobe. If you’re lucky enough to have a little room, then a boudoir cabinet can be the final touch. These cabinets open out to reveal shelves, mirrors, storage and plenty of additional room.

Games Room

If you have little ones it can be a bit of an irritation having to walk across Lego each and every evening. And it only gets worse when you want to watch something on the TV. Turning the box room into a games room is a great way to give both you and your kids some space. With a little bit of colour, décor and some soft seating, a box room can be quickly and easily turned into a games room and is the ideal place for those children’s games, consoles and toys. Add a sofa bed and you still have space for guests when they visit.


Want to get fitter, but can’t see yourself having the discipline to go to the gym on a regular basis? Well, why not turn the box room into a home gym? Gym subscriptions are no inexpensive and you’ll find that in no time at all you have all you need saved up to purchase some decent equipment. Most box rooms are the perfect place for a gym as they offer privacy, can be used anytime of the day or night and are an ideal addition if you want to get healthy.

Guest Room

Of course, the most obvious but still the most valuable addition is the guest room. Turning your box room into a guest room isn’t an necessity, however it is a great addition. High ceilings can be great if you wish to put in integrated shelving and a folding bed or as we mentioned previously, sofa bed can turn your little TV room, into a guest room in no time.


Box rooms are often quiet places, situated at the end of a hall and away from the mainstay of the home. This is why the study is often the best addition for a box room. The fact you can place shelving all around for books and add a desk for your computer or studying makes the area the perfect compact one for learning, work or some quiet time for reflection.

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